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Guarini, Guarino

[gwareenee], originally Camillo Guarini


Architect, philosopher, and mathematician, born in Modena, Italy. In Rome (1639--47) he studied under Borromini. He designed several churches in Turin, of which the only two survivors are San Lorenzo (1668--80) and Capella della SS Sindone (1668), and the Palazzo Carignano (1679), considered his masterpiece, as well as palaces for Bavaria and Baden, and churches in Paris, Messina, Prague, and Lisbon (known only from his writings). He also published books on mathematics, astronomy, and architecture, and was responsible for the spread of the Baroque style beyond Italy. His influential Architettura civile (published posthumously in 1737), concerning the relationship of geometry and architecture, also included a defence of Gothic architecture.

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