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Hoyle, Sir Fred(erick)

(1915 --)

Astronomer, mathematician, astrophysicist, and science fiction writer, born in Bingley, West Yorkshire, N England, UK. He studied at Cambridge, where he taught applied mathematics, became professor of astronomy (1958--72), and founded a world-famous Institute of Theoretical Astronomy. His work on the origin of chemical elements is particularly important. He is a leading proponent of steady-state cosmology, of the notion that viruses come from outer space, and a believer in an extraterrestrial origin for life on Earth. He was knighted in 1972. His scientific works include Nature of the Universe (1952) and Frontiers of Astronomy (1955). His science fiction writing includes The Black Cloud (1957), A for Andromeda (1962, with J Elliot), and The Molecule Men (1971, with G Hoyle). His other writing includes stories for children, space serials for television, and two volumes of autobiography, The Small World of Fred Hoyle (1966) and Home is Where the Wind Blows (1994).

Major Works
1957 The Black Cloud
1959 Ossian's Ride
1962 A for Andromeda (with J Elliot)
1964 Andromeda Breakthrough (with J Elliot)
1966 October the First is Too Late
1967 Element 79
Novels with G Hoyle
1963 Fifth Planet
1969 Rockets in Ursa Major (with G Hoyle)
1970 Seven Steps to the Sun (with G Hoyle)
1971 The Molecule Men
1973 the Inferno
1974 Into Deepest Space
1977 The Incandescent Ones
1978 The Westminster Disaster
Children's Stories with G Hoyle
1982 The Energy Pirate
1982 The Giants of Universal Park
1982 The Frozen Planet of Azuron
1982 The Planet of Death
1985 Comet Halley
Other Stories
1988 Cosmic Life Force (with N C Wickramasinghe)
1986 The Small World of Fred Hoyle
1994 Home is Where the Wind Blows
1962 Rockets in Ursa Major
The Alchemy of Love

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