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CalculusA method of calculation. One of several highly systematic methods of treating nproblems by a special system of algebraic notations.
Circlea curved line with every point equal distance from the center
CircumferenceThe length of the outer boundary of a circle.
Example: Circumference=Pi*Diameter.
CompassAn instrument used for drawing circles, describing circles, or measuring distances. Consists of two hinged, movable legs.
Complementary AngleEither of two angles that when added together produce an angle of 90 degrees.
Composite Numberany integer that can be divided by another number evenly except by itself and 1
Example: "21, 24, 9, 10"
Congruentequal; equal angles are described to be this
Coordinate Axistwo perpendicular lines intersecting to form four quadrants
Counting Number* see natural number
Example: "1,2,3,4..."
Cubic Centimeter (cm³) A metric unit of volume; the volume of a cube 1 centimeter on a side. 1 cubic centimeter is equal to 1 milliliter.

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