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Math Help
Dr.Math at Swarthmore College
This is one of our best resources. Dr. Math has several years of questions and answers archived at their site. This site can help anyone from elementary school through college find the answers they seek.
Allexperts Math Q&A;:
Volunteer experts answer your questions about algebra, geometry, calculus, and advanced math topics for free! A great resource for students looking to learn more and adults trying to brush up!!
XpertSite's experts are ready to answer your questions for free. Each expert is rated by other visitors to help you find the help that you need.
Math History
The MacTutor Archives
This MacTutor isn't related to Apple Computer. It's a site at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. Their archives contain articles on math and hundreds of biographies!
Women Mathematitians at Agnes Scott College
This site contains approximately 200 biographies on women in math.
Math Tools
MathStuff is a large collection of math resources across the net. Get tutorials, lessons, games, tips, help, advice, and tools to make math easier. Math help is free at MathStuff!
Algebra.Help -- Resource for students/teachers/parents, includes lessons, tutorials, references and various algebra calculators. They have some neat tools!
Dave's Math Tables
Lots of tables, lots of numbers. This site has tables with algebraic, geometric and just plain old arithmetic formulas. For high school and college students, there are calculus resources, including tables of derivatives and integrals, complete with proofs!
Metric Conversion Factors
This site is part of the State of Washington's Dept. of Transportation website. Most of the factors you need are on this page, but sometimes you need to look carefully. English Dictionary with Multi-Lingual Search
One of our Sister Sites! You can search in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and of course English. Every English word has a pronunciation file, so you can actually hear how it's said.
The Merriam Webster Dictionary
So many of the words of math can be found in this dictionary. If you don't know what something is, go look it up!
The Information Please Almanac
This almanac contains facts and figures about just about everything. While an almanac is not specific to math, there is a lot of math stuff inside. Go here for conversion information on weight and measures.
Fun Sites
This site has a number of learning related games, Grammar Gorillas, Spell Check and Math Baseball to name a few.
Harcourt Brace Publishers
This site has games and puzzles related to the books they publish. There a several topics, including Math, Science and Art.

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