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DekametersA unit of length that is equal to 10 meters.
DenominatorThe bottom number in a fraction
Example: 15/16 16 is the denominator
DensityMass per unit volume of a substance.
Example: Units: g/cm3 or g/ml
DiagramA figure, usually a line drawing, that illustrates a geometrical theorem.
DiameterThe measurment of a line that passes from one side of a circle to the other side of the circle, through the center point.
Differencethe amount by which one number differs from another
Example: 9-8=1 the difference of 9 and 8 is 1
Directrixa fixed line associated with a parabola
Dividendthe number being divided
Example: 93=3 9 is the dividend
DivisibleCapable of being evenly divided by a number, without a remainder.
Divisionthe process of finding out how many times a number is contained in another
Example: 63=2 3 is in 6 two times
Divisorthe number doing the dividing
Example: 102=5 2 is the divisor

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Twit math glossary Share math glossary on Facebook

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