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eThe number used as the base for natural logarithms. Equal to "2.7182818..."
Ellipsea curved line with the sum of the distances from imaginary points (foci) to each point on the curve is constant
EquationAn algebraic expression asserting the equality of two quantities.
Example: x + 4 = y -10
EquilateralA figure with all it's sides equal in length.
Example: A square is equilateral
Equilateral TriangleA triangle with all sides and angles equal in length.
EstimateAn approximate calculation of the value of something.
Exponenta small figure placed to the upper-right of a number showing the number of times to multiply that number by itself
ExpressionA mathematical symbol, or combination of sybols, representing a value, or relation.
Example: 2+2=4

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Twit math glossary Share math glossary on Facebook

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