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Radicala root sign
RadiusHalf the diameter of a circle. The distance between the middle of a circle and the circles surface.
Random NumberA number choosed without definite aim, reason, or pattern.
RatioThe number or degree of one class of things in relation to another, or between one thing and another, expressed as a proportion .
Example: In a car, the ratio of tires to steering wheel is 4 to 1, often wriiten 4:1.
Raya line having one endpoint
Real Numberany number that is not imaginary
Example: "1.23156..., 5, 8/6, e, square root (3)"
ReciprocalExpressions, relations, or fractions that are opposite.
Example: 1/2 is the reciprocal of 2/1
RectangleA parallelogram with four right angles.
Rectangular PrismA prism in the shape of a rectangle.
Regular Polygona polygon with all sides equal and all interior angles congruent
RemainderThe portion of the dividend that is not evenly divisible by the divisor.
RhombusAn equilateral parallelogram with oblique angles.
Right AngleAn angle that is 90 degrees.
Right TriangleA triangle with one of the angles equal to 90 degrees.

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Twit math glossary Share math glossary on Facebook

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