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Scalene TriangleA triangle with three unequal sides.
Scientific NotationDisplaying a number in this formula: N * 10^x. Where N=a number greater than 1 but less than 10. X=an exponent of 10.
Example: 727900 in scientific notation is: 7.279 * 10^5
Segmenta piece of a line with two endpoints
SetA set is a collection of related things.
Example: Days of the week.
Solid Geometryarea of geometry dealing with 3-d objects and figures
Spacethe 3-d continuous expanse and of the matter contained within
SphereA round body whose surface is at all points the same distance from the center.
Example: A baseball
Squarea rectangle with all four sides equal
Square Rootthe number that when multiplied by itself will produce a given number (the square)
Straight AngleAn Angle of 180 degrees.
SubsetA set that forms one part of a larger set.
Example: A subset of a baseball team is the pitching roster.
Subtractionthe process of finding the difference between two numbers
Sumthe result of adding numbers
Example: 6+7=13 13 is the sum
SupersetA set that consists of a collection of smaller, subsets.
Example: The baseball team is the superset of the pitching roster.
Supplementary AngleEither of two angles that when added together produce an angle of 180 degrees.

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Twit math glossary Share math glossary on Facebook

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