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Type in the values of X and Y and choose a function to get an answer to full precision in the full precision calculator.

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Long precision calculator performs multiple functions on large integers. This big precision calculator can perform functions that take a much longer time. For Example:

  • X!
  • X^Y
  • X/Y (D)
  • X+Y
  • X-Y
  • X*Y
  • X

What is full precision?

Precision means “Accuracy”. It is used to describe how authentic, to the point, and real a figure is. 

Regular calculators display up to a specific number of digits in answer i.e 10. And it mostly suffices. But for some fields like astronomy, Cryptography, and quantum computing, figures with more numbers are required for authenticity.

It is also called big number or long precision. As described before some fields require a larger number of digits. Such as Avogadro’s constant, speed of light e.t.c

This is where the full precision calculator helps.


If X = 234567 and Y = 6, then calculate X^Y. Write the result in full precision.


X ^ Y = 1.6657180075859388e+32

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