Sum of Series Calculator

Input the value of k (sequence) and n (number of terms) in the sum of a series calculator.

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A series sum calculator is a tool devised to add the values of a series. On giving n it finds all of the n’s till that number and adds them. You can add a series of up to 9 terms or even 1000 terms using this calculator.

What is a series?

Series is the same as sequence and grows with a certain pattern. The only difference between sequence and series is that in series, we have a plus (+) symbol between the entries instead of a comma.


How to find the sum of a series?

To sum a series, we represent it as:



n is the number of terms also known as the upper limit.

K = 1 is referred to as starting value.

ki can be any function for example k2, (k+1)-(k3) e.t.c.

In the series sum calculator above, the starting value is 1 by default.


Add a series for which 

Upper limit n = 5

Starting value = 1

Function = k2+k


Step 1: Write the series.


Step 2: Put the values.


Step 3: Add.


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