Angular Acceleration Calculator

To calculate angular acceleration, input the values of torque and moment of inertia in the angular acceleration calculator.

α = 𝜏/I
kg m2

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Angular Acceleration Calculator

This angular acceleration calculator helps to find the acceleration of a rotating body if the moment of inertia and total torque are given.

What is Angular Acceleration? 

According to Wikipedia:

“Angular acceleration refers to the time rate of change of angular velocity.”

In simple words,

“It is the rotation of a rigid body about a fixed center point.” 


Angular acceleration formula

The equation used for the calculation of angular acceleration is:

α = T/I


  • α represents angular acceleration,
  • T represents torque, and
  • I is moment of inertia.

The formula used in this calculator is related to tangential acceleration as:

αt = αr

Where αt is tangential acceleration.

How to find angular acceleration?


Calculate angular acceleration if the body rotates at 30 radians per second and the moment of inertia is 10 kgm2.


Step 1: Identify the values.

T = 30 rad s-1

I = 10 kgm2

Step 2: Put the values into the formula.

α = T/I

α = 30/10

α = 3 rad s-2

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