Antenna Gain Calculator

To calculate antenna gain (GdBi), input the values of Efficiency (η), Wave Length (λ), Physical Aperture Area (A), using this antenna gain calculator.

GdBi = 10 LOG10 ( η4𝜋A / λ2 )


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How to use this antenna gain calculator?

To find the antenna gain using this calculator follow the below steps.

  • Input the values of Efficiency (η), Wave Length (λ), and Physical Aperture Area (A).
  • Hit the calculate button.
  • Press the reset button to clear the input boxes.

Antenna Gain Formula:

The formula for antenna gain is given below:

GdBi = 10 LOG10 ( η4PiA / λ2 )

In the above formula for antenna Gain (GdBi).

  • A is the Physical Aperture Area.
  • λ is the Wavelength.
  • η is the efficiency.

antenna gain

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