Arccos Calculator

To calculate the arccos or inverse of the cosine, select the mode from degree or radian and input the value using this arccos calculator with steps.


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How to use this arc cosine calculator?

To find the arccos or inverse of the cosine follows the below steps.

  • Select the result mode from the degree or radian.
  • Enter the number in the input box.
  • Hit the calculate button.
  • Press the reset button to again use.

In the output, you will get the result in your respective form i-e radian or degree with step by step solution using this inverse of the cosine calculator.


Table of arc cosine value

Some solved arccos values by our arc cosine calculator are given in the below table.

Arccos ofIn degreeIn radian
arccos of 100
arccos of 1/2601.0472
arccos of 1/475.521.318
arccos of 1/370.531.231
arccos of 1/root 2450.78539
arccos of 12/1322.620.3948
arccos of 15/1728.070.49
arccos of 16/2036.870.6435
arccos of negative 1/21202.0944
arccos of cos-1arccosarccos
arccos of infinityno valueno value
arccos of sqrt 2/2undefinedundefined
arccos of 3/441.410.7227
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