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ASCII to text converter is an online tool used to convert an ASCII symbol into text. It provides the result in a fraction of seconds.

What is ASCII?

The full form of ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This system of numbers has 128 characters or symbols. The characters of ASCII are upper case alphabets, lower case alphabets, punctuation marks, and 0 to 9 numeric values.

To communicate with each other in a computer system, the ASCII plays a vital role by decoding the information into homogeneous digital formats.

How to convert ASCII to text?

Below is a solved example of ASCII to text.


Convert the ASCII codes 56, 78, 33, 54, 121 into text.


You can easily convert any ASCII code into text by using our ASCII to text converter.

Step 1: Write the ASCII code into the input box.

56, 78, 33, 54, 121

Step 2: The ASCII code is converted easily into the text just by clicking the calculate button.


Hence, 8N!6y is the text of the given ASCII code.

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