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Beta function calculator is an online tool that calculates the beta function for two given variables or shape parameters x and y.

What is beta function?

Beta function is a special function in mathematics that is closely related to the gamma function and to binomial coefficients. It is also known as the Euler integral of the first kind because it was studied by Euler and Legendre. Its symbol Β.

beta function graph

Beta function formula

The beta function equation can be expressed as:

beta function formula


Β refers to the beta function,

x is the value of x, and

y is the value of y variable.

How to solve for beta function (B)?


Evaluate the following beta function.

beta function example


Step 1: Rewrite the original function as given below.

beta evaluation

Step 2: Compare the above function to the beta function formula.

beta formula

By comparing, we got x and y as:

x = 5, and y = 4

Step 3: Write the factorial form of beta function and place the values.

beta function factorial

beta factorial calculation

B (5, 4) = 0.0035714

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