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Billion to Crore Converter 

The Billion to crore/crore to billion converter (it can be used both ways) is an online calculator that converts values from one numbering system to another.

Other than providing the calculating result for the input value, it gives other conversions such as billion to lakhs, million, and trillions.

What is a billion to crore conversion?

Billion is the word used to represent a value containing 9 zeros or 10 digits in the international numbering system. On the other hand, the word crore accounts for a value containing 7 zeros or 8 digits in the Indian numbering system. 

The conversion is done so that people using either system can clearly understand the volume of value or amount. 

                        billion to crore formula


The numerical representation of billion is 1,000,000,000. It is a place value used internationally except for a few countries. 


Crore is written in numbers as 1,00,00,000. It is most commonly used in South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

In billion to crore conversion, you are not only representing the numbers in terms of a different place value but also a different numbering system. 

One billion(109) equates to 1000 million (106). This conversion is the place value conversion. On the other hand, one billion is also equal to 100 crores (107). Here, you are jumping from one numbering system to another. 

How to convert billions to crores?

For this, use a crore to billion converter. But if you wish to perform the conversion manually, then keep in mind the following two points.

  • One billion is equal to 100 crores. Multiply the values in billions with 100 to know how much they make in crores. 
  • One crore is equal to 0.01 billion. Divide the crores by 100 to convert them into billions. 


How many crores are in 78 billion?


1 billion = 100 crore 
78 billions = 78 x 100 crores
                 = 7800 crores

Conversion tables:

Billion to core:

1 Billion 100 Crore
5 Billion 500 Crore
10 Billion 1000 Crore
20 Billion 2000 Crore
100 Billion 10,000 Crore
10,000 Billion 10,00,000 Crore
65 Billion 6500 Crore
2,356 Billion 2,35,600 Crore
12.35 Billion 1235 Crore
2/5 Billion 40 Crore

Crore to billion:

1 Crore 0.01 Billion
5 Crore 0.05 Billion
10 Crore 0.1 Billion
100 Crore 1 Billion
200 Crore 2 Billion
500 Crore 5 Billion
1000 Crore 10 Billion
10,00,000 Crore 10,000 Billion
111.7 Crore 1.117 Billion
2598 Crore 25.98 Billion


Are 1000 crores a billion?

No, 1000 crores to billion are 10 billion. One billion is equal to 100 (hundred) crores.

Convert 400 billion to crores. 

Four hundred billion equals forty thousand crores. As 1 billion is equal to 100 (hundred)  crores so, 400 billion = 40,000 crores.

How much means 1 billion?

In general, 1 billion is mathematically written as 

1 billion = 1,000,000,000

To write such a larger term mathematician denotes it by one billion.

How many crores makes 300 billion?

As we know that 1 billion is equal to one hundred (100) crores. Similarly,

300 billion = 300 x 100 crore 

300 billion = 30,000 crores

Hence, 30,000 crores make 300 billion.

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