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Million to Crore Converter 

Use the million to crore converter for the online conversion of numbers from one system to another. 

This converter is developed to find the alternative representation of numbers present in the international numbering system. 

What is a million to crore conversion?

Very similar to billion to crore conversion, it is the process of converting digits or amounts already present in millions to crore, which is a place value in the Indian numbering system.

Some South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India do not use the terms million, billion, and trillions. Instead, they use an old numbering system originating from the Vedic number system.

So, when people from these countries deal internationally, both sides can get confused due to the different terms and the amounts they account for.

For instance, internationally, numbers are divided by commas in groups of three digits e.g. 1,234,000. On the other hand, the Indian number system divides a couple of digits by commas after the first three digits e.g. 12,34,000.

What are crore and million?

One crore has 7 zeros trailing a 1 i.e 1,00,00,000. On the other hand, a million is smaller than a crore by one zero i.e 1,000,000.

How to perform million to crore conversion?

The converter above is the suitable option for million to crore conversion and vice versa. It also provides some representations like millions to billions, trillions, and lakhs.

But the rules are simple.

  • One million is equal to 0.1 crore.
  • One crore is equal to 10 million

Note: Crore accounts for a larger amount than the million and smaller than the billion.

To convert millions to crores:

10 million is equal to how many crores?

1 million = 0.1 crore.
10 millions = (0.1 x 10) crore
                   = 1 crore 

To convert crore to millions:

How much 10 crores are in millions?

1 crore = 10 millions
10 crore = (10 x 10) millions
              = 100 millions

Conversion Table

Million to crore:

Value in MillionValue in Crore
1 Million0.1 Crore
5 Million0.5 Crore
10 Million1 Crore
100 Million10 Crore
1000 Million100 Crore
16.9 Million1.69 Crore
34/20 Million0.17 Crore
5000 Million500 Crore
10000 Million1000 Crore
100000 Million10000 Crore

Crore to million:

Value in CroreValue in Million
1 crore10 million
5 crore50 million
10 crore100 million
100 crore1000 million
0.7 crore7 million
500 crore5000 million
12.34 crore123.4 million
10,00,000 crore10,00,0000 million
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