Cubic Feet Calculator

To calculate cubic feet enter length, height, and width in required input boxes, select unit, and press calculate button using cubic feet calculator 

Cubic Feet = Length (feet)×Width (feet)×Height (feet)


Cubic Feet Calcualtor 

Convert the cubic inches to feet using the cubic feet calculator. This tool will provide the conversion from inches to feet for each measurement and the overall conversion as well.

You will also find the visual representation of the cube for the required measurement. This gives an idea about the geometrical representation of the object.

What is a cubic foot?

A cube is something present in the three dimensions whereas a square is always two-dimensional. It has 3 measurements i.e Length, Width, and Height.

A foot is a unit for length just like inches or yards. So, a cubic foot makes a unit for volume, the one that is calculated in feet.

The volume of a cube is also presented in other units like cubic meters and cubic yards. Each has its own importance. A cubic foot is required at the industrial level for shipping and construction purposes.

Cubic foot formula from cubic inches:

Cubic foot shares the same formula as volume. This formula is:

Volume = length x width x height

To change the unit from inches to feet, divide each value by 12. But if the volume is already calculated, then divide the whole value by 1728.

How to calculate the cubic feet from inches?

We recommend using the Cubic feet calculator to find the volume from measurements in different units.

To find it yourself, you have a choice between two methods. First is:

  1. Find the volume of the cube using the mentioned formula.
  2. Convert the volume from cubic inches to cubic feet.

The second method is.

  1. Convert each length separately from inches to feet.
  2. Multiply them.
  3. The answer is in cubic feet.


Find the volume in the cubic foot for the following object.
volume in the cubic foot

Step 1:  Write the measurements.

Length = 15 inches

Width = 10 inches

Height = 12 inches

Step 2: Convert the inches into feet.

Length = 15 / 12 = 1.25 foot

Width = 10 / 12 = 0.83 foot

Height = 12 / 12 = 1 foot 

Step 3: Find the volume using its formula.

= L x W x H

= 1.25 x 0.83 x 1

= 1.0375 ft3

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