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Decimal to ASCII converter is used to convert the decimal number system to ASCII character. This converter takes the comma-separated decimal numbers for converting them into ASCII.

What is a decimal number system?

The numbers written in the form of 0-9 numeric values are known as the decimal number system. The numeric values 0-9 are also known as the base 10 number system.

What is ASCII?

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange is the full form of ASCII. It is usually used to convert the information into standardized digital formats that is very helpful for the computers to communicate.

26 upper case alphabets, 26 lower case alphabets, base 10 numbers, & several punctuation marks are the characters of the ASCII.

How to convert decimal to ASCII?

Below is a table for the conversion of decimal to ASCII.

Decimal Number ASCII
56, 78, 33 8N!
98, 104, 110 bhn
200,300,500 È
211,311,456,567 Ó
12,71,89,45 GY-
123,334,456 {
12,34,56,78,90 "8NZ

To convert the ASCII symbols to decimals again, use an ASCII to decimal converter.

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