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Decimal to hex converter is used to convert the decimal numbers into a hexadecimal number system. This converter uses positive and negative decimal numbers for the conversion of decimal to hex.

What is a decimal number system?

The decimal number system also called base 10 numbers are the numerical digits from zero to nine. For example, 3452 is a decimal number.

  • In this number, 2 is at one’s place (2^0 is 1)
  • 5 is in tenth place (10^1)
  • 4 is at the hundredth place (10^2)
  • 3 is at the thousandth place (10^3)

What is a hexadecimal number system?

The base 16 numbers are known as the hexadecimal number system. Due to base 16, this system has numerals from 0 to 15. To address a two-digit number, the alphabets A, B, C, D, E, and F are used.

  • A is used for 10
  • B is used for 11
  • C is used for 12
  • D is used for 13
  • E is used for 14
  • F is used for 15

How to convert decimal to hex?

Following is a solved example of the conversion of decimal to hex.


Convert 123 from decimal to hex.


Step 1: Divide the given decimal number by 16.



Step 2: The remainder will be the rightmost digit of a hexadecimal number.

11 = B is the rightmost digit.

Step 3: Divide the quotient by 16 and repeat the process until it gives zero.


It gives zero as the quotient because 7 is less than 16. So, 7 will be the remainder.

Hence the hexadecimal number of 123 is 7B.

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