Hemisphere Calculator

Use the radius value to calculate the volume, curved surface area, and total surface area of the hemisphere using hemisphere calculator.

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Hemisphere Calculator

Hemisphere calculator is used to find the Hemisphere Volume, Hemisphere Surface Area, and Hemisphere Curved Surface Area with the help of the radius of the hemisphere.

What is Hemisphere?

A hemisphere is a 3-D geometric shape that is half of a sphere, obtained by cutting a sphere into two equal halves along its equator. Hemisphere words come from the Greek language which means half globe from this idea earth is divided into two parts east and west also north and south. 

Formulas of Hemisphere

For volume

Volume of a hemisphere = 2π * r3 / 3

For Curved Surface Area

Curved Surface Area of Hemisphere = 2πr2

For Total Surface Area

Total Surface Area of Hemisphere = 3πr2

How to calculate the properties of the hemisphere?

Example 1:

Find the properties of the Hemisphere if its radius is 8.


Step 1: Find the volume

Volume of Hemisphere = (2/3) * πr³

= 2/3*3.142856*(8)3

= 1071.8

Step 2: Find the curved surface area 

Curved Surface Area of Hemisphere = 2πr²

= 2*(22/7) *82

= 401.92

Step 3: Find the total surface area 

Total Surface Area of Hemisphere = 3πr²

= 3*(22/7) * 82

= 602.88

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