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Improper integral calculator

Improper integral calculator is an online tool that helps you in solving improper integrals it also provides a step-by-step solution.

What is an Improper Integral?

An improper integral is a type of definite integral where either the upper or lower limit of integration is infinite, or the integrand approaches infinity or becomes unbounded within the interval.

In other words, it arises when the conventional bounds of integration do not hold, leading to a more complex integration process.

The Two Types of Improper Integrals:

There are two main types of improper integrals:

  • Type I
  • Type II

Type I Improper Integral:

Type I improper integrals occur when the integrand becomes unbounded or infinite within the interval of integration. This means the function approaches infinity or negative infinity at one or both of the integration limits.

Type II Improper Integral:

On the other hand, Type II improper integrals emerge when one or both of the integration limits extend to infinity. In this case, the integrand may remain finite within the interval, but the interval itself becomes infinite.

Conditions for Convergence:

It is essential to determine whether an improper integral converges or diverges. A convergent improper integral means that the integral has a finite value, while a divergent improper integral indicates that the integral approaches infinity or negative infinity.

Tests for Convergence:

To assess convergence, we can use various tests such as the Comparison Test, Limit Comparison Test, and Ratio Test. These tests help us understand the behavior of the function and whether the integral converges or diverges.

Calculating Improper Integrals:

Calculating improper integrals requires special techniques due to the infinite or unbounded nature of the function.

Symmetry Exploitation:

In some cases, we can take advantage of the symmetry of the integrand to simplify the calculation. Utilizing even or odd symmetries can significantly ease the integration process.

Break the Integral into Two:

For Type II improper integrals, we can break the integral into two separate integrals at a specific value, often denoted as "t." This helps in handling the infinity-to-infinity integration bounds.

Substitution Method:

Applying substitution techniques can also be beneficial, transforming the integrand into a more manageable form. This method often leads to simpler integration.

Partial Fractions:

When dealing with rational functions, the partial fractions method allows us to split the integrand into simpler fractions, facilitating integration.

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