Impulse with Time Calculator

Write the value of force and time in the given boxes and then hit on the calculate button to get the impulse using this impulse with a time calculator.


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Impulse with time Calculator

Impulse with time Calculator is used to determine impulse when given force and time, it would simply multiply these two values together.

What is Impulse?

It is the product of force and the time interval over which the force is applied. It describes the change in momentum of an object when a force is applied for a time t. Impulse is very similar to the concept of momentum and plays an important role in understanding the effects of forces on the motion of objects.


Impulse = Force × Time Interval

Change in Momentum:

It is the product mass of an object and the velocity of an object. When a force is applied to an object it goes to a change in the velocity of the object and also its momentum.


The SI unit of impulse is Newton-second (N·s) or kg· m/s. This is equivalent to the unit of momentum, which reinforces the close relationship between impulse and momentum.

Conservation of Momentum:

According to Newton's third law of motion, every action has an equal reaction but in the opposite direction. Impulse also helps explain why momentum is conserved in isolated systems where no external forces are acting. In the absence of external forces, the total impulse on a system is zero and the total momentum remains constant.

Daily life examples of Impulse

During a collision, the force exerted on a car over the impact time changes the car's velocity and momentum. Airbags and crumple zones in cars are designed to increase the time over which the force is applied, reducing the impact's severity.

A person jumps off a diving board, his legs use an upward force on the board. This force is applied over a short time resulting in an impulse that pushes the person upward into the air. For instance, a pitcher throws a baseball, and force is applied to a ball over a short period.

This results in an impulse that changes the ball's momentum and gives it the velocity needed to travel toward the batter. Similarly, a golf club strikes a golf ball, the force applied to the ball over a brief contact time changes the ball's momentum. The angle and force of the hit determine the ball's trajectory.

How to find impulse?

Example 1:

Calculate the impulse when force = 63 and time = 3


Step 1:

Using a formula to calculate the impulse

I = F × t

Step 2:

I = 63 × 3

I = 189

Example 2:

Calculate the force when Impulse = 216 and time = 6


Step 1:

Using a formula to calculate the impulse

I / t = F

Step 2:

216 / 6 = F

36 = F

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