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Inductive Reactance Calculator

Inductive reactance calculator is a tool designed to compute the inductive reactance of a coil or inductor in an alternating current (AC) circuit.

What is Inductive Reactance?

Inductive reactance describes the opposition of an inductor present to the flow of AC. When AC voltage is applied to an inductor, as a result, it makes an electromotive force (EMF) that creates a magnetic field.

This magnetic field stores energy in the form of electromagnetic flux. As the direction of the AC changes, the magnetic field also changes, generating a counter-electromotive force that opposes the flow of the current.

The Role of Inductors in AC Circuits:

Inductors are passive electronic components that consist of a coil of wire. They are widely used in AC circuits for various purposes such as:

  • Filtering
  • Energy storage
  • Impedance matching.

In an AC circuit, an inductor resists changes in current, causing it to behave differently than a resistor.

How to Calculate Inductive Reactance?

Inductive reactance (XL) is the opposition that an inductor offers to alternating current (AC). It depends on the frequency of the AC and the inductance of the coil or inductor. As the frequency or inductance increases, the inductive reactance increases, meaning the inductor opposes the AC more.

To calculate inductive reactance, follow these steps:

Step 1: Understand the Formula

The formula to calculate inductive reactance is:



  • XL = Inductive reactance (in ohms, Ω)
  • π = Mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159)
  • f = Frequency of the AC (in hertz, Hz)
  • L = Inductance of the coil/inductor

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Data

  • Frequency (f): Determine the frequency of the AC source. This could be given in the problem or measured using instruments in practical scenarios.
  • Inductance (L): Measure or refer to the specifications to find the inductance of the coil or inductor. This value represents how well the coil/inductor stores energy in its magnetic field for a given current.

Step 3: Plug in the Values

Insert the values of “f” and “L” into the formula to calculate XL.


Let's say you have an inductor of 0.1 henries (H) and you're using it in a circuit with a frequency of 60 hertz (Hz).


Step 1: Take the formula


Step 2: Place the value

XL= 2π (60)(0.1)

=2π (6)


So, the inductive reactance of this inductor in this circuit is approximately 37.7 ohms.

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