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Lakh to Crore Converter

Lakh to Crore & Crore to Lakh Converter is used to convert numbers in lakh to crores and numbers in crores to lakhs.

What is Lakh to Crore?

Lakh to crore is a number conversion that converts a number in lakhs to its equivalent in crores. For example, if you input 100 lakhs, you will get its equivalent term in crores which is 1 crore as 1 crore = 100 lakhs.

The formula to convert lakhs to crores is:

Crores = Lakhs ÷ 100


Convert 250 lakhs to crores.


Step 1: Take the formula.

Crores = Lakhs ÷ 100

Step 2: Substitute the given number in lakhs to the formula.

Crores = 250 ÷ 100

Crores = 2.5

Hence 250 lakhs are equivalent to 2.5 crores.

What is Crore to Lakh?

Crore to Lakh is a number conversion that converts a number in crores to its equivalent in lakhs. The number in lakhs can be obtained by multiplying the given number in crores by 100. Mathematically, the formula used to convert a number in crore to lakh is:

Lakhs = Crores × 100


Convert 3.5 crores to lakhs.


Step 1: Take the formula

Lakhs = Crores × 100

Step 2: Substitute the given value in crores to the formula.

Lakhs = Crores × 100

Lakhs = 3.5 x 100

Lakhs = 350

Hence 3.5 crores is equivalent to 350 lakhs

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