Long Subtraction Calculator

To find the difference of two numbers, enter the first and second number in required input boxes and click calculate button using long subtraction calculator


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Long subtraction calculator

Long subtraction calculator is used to find the difference between two numbers. This tool takes the whole numbers and decimal numbers to take the difference.

How to do long subtraction?

Follow the below steps to find the difference of two numbers.

Step 1: Write the larger number on top and smaller number on bottom.

For example, if 234 & 435 is given

4 2 5 
2 3 4

Step 2: Write the numbers in a sequence such as the ones digits of both numbers comes in the same column, similarly, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. 

Step 3: If there is a decimal point, it must be written after the ones digit.
For example, if 234 & 435.12 is given

4 3 5. 1 2
2 3 4. 0 0

Step 4: Start subtracting from right to left and write the answer of each difference in the bottom of the columns.

Step 5: If the upper number is smaller than the lower number, then take the carry from the left most digit.

34  122 5 
  2     3 4
  1     9 1

Step 6: If the upper number is smaller than the lower number, calculate the result according to taking the larger number upside and smaller one on the bottom. After that write a negative sign with the result. 

For example, 123 – 430

4 23 010
1   2 3
3   0 7
Hence, 123 – 430 = -307

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