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Mean calculator is used to measure the central tendencies. It finds the average of comma-separated values. This mean calculator also gives the result of the median, mode, and order of the dataset.

What is mean (x)?

The sum of the terms in a dataset divided by the total number of terms is known as the mean. It is also called the average. It is usually used to get the overall idea of the given data set. It is denoted by x̅.

Formula of mean

Mean = x̅ = sum of terms/total number of terms.
Mean = x̅ = Σx/n

How to calculate the mean?

Below is a solved example of the mean.


Find the mean of 12, 14, 23, 37, 42, and 54.


Step 1: Take the formula of the mean.

Mean = x̅ = Σx/n

Step 2: Find the sum and the total number of terms of the given dataset.

Sum = Σx = 12 + 14 + 23 + 37 + 42 + 54

Sum = Σx = 182

Total number of terms = n = 6

Step 3: Substitute the sum of terms and the total number of terms in the formula.

Mean = x̅ = 182/6
Mean = x̅ = 30.3333

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