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Momentum Calculator

Momentum calculator finds the momentum change, force, and time change according to the problem. The data values must be in the SI units. It informs us how hard to stop an object.

What is momentum?

Momentum is a vector quantity that describes an object's motion. It has magnitude as well as direction. An object's momentum is equal to the product of its mass and velocity. Momentum can be utilized to forecast the resulting direction and speed of motion of colliding objects.

Formula of Momentum

The formula of the momentum is given as



  • P is denoted as the momentum.
  • F is the force.
  • ΔT is the change in time.

For the calculation of time or force, we have the following formulas



How to find the momentum?

Example 1:

Find the value of momentum when the 8-newton force acts on a body for 8 seconds.


Step 1: Given values are

T= 8 sec

F= 8 N


Step 2: Now use the formula and put the values

P = F× ΔT

P = 8 × 8

P = 64 NS

Example 2:

Find the time if the momentum of the body is 18 Ns and the force is 2 N.

Step 1: From the data value

P = 18 Ns

F = 2 N

ΔT =?

Step 2: Using the formula, we have

P = F× ΔT

ΔT = P/F

ΔT = 18/2

ΔT = 9 sec

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