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The capacitor calculator is an online tool that is used to calculate capacitance by taking permittivity, the distance between plates, and the area of plates as input.

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is a device that can store electric charges. The most common type of capacitor, shown below, is a parallel capacitor. In it type of capacitor, the plates of a capacitor are separated by an insulator. 



Capacitance is the amount of electric charge which a capacitor can store. 

Capacitance formula

The formula used to find capacitance is

C = ε A/S

In this equation: 

A = the area on which plates overlap

S = distance between plates

ε = the permittivity of the conductor

The value of permittivity varies from conductor to conductor. To find capacitance with charge and potential difference, use our other capacitance calculator.

How to calculate capacitance?


Calculate the capacitance of a capacitor that has 0.03 m2 area of its plates separated by free space and the distance between the plates is 0.7 m.


Step 1: Identify values.

A = 0.03 m2

S = 0.7 m

Permittivity of free space = 8.85418782 × 10-12 m-3 kg-1 s4 A2

Step 2: Put the values in the capacitance formula.

C = ε A/S

= 8.85418782 × 10-12 ×0.03 / 0.7

= 0.38 F

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