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difference = |V1 - V2| (V1 + V2)2 x 100

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Percentage Difference Calculator

Percentage difference calculator is used to calculate the difference between two positive numbers/quantities.  

What is the Percentage Difference?

Percentage difference, also known as percent difference or relative difference, is a measurement used to express the difference between two values as a percentage of their average. It allows us to understand the magnitude of change or variation between two quantities.

Percentage difference is often used to compare values over time, evaluate growth rates, or assess the impact of changes.

The Importance of Percentage Difference:

The percentage difference is a valuable tool for analysis in various domains. It provides a standardized way to express changes or variations between values, making interpreting and comparing data easier.

Whether you're examining financial data, conducting scientific experiments, or analyzing market trends, percentage difference enables you to quantify and understand the significance of the differences.

Calculating Percentage Difference:

To calculate the percentage difference between two values, you can use the following formula:

Percentage Difference = (Difference between the two values / Average of the two values) * 100

For Example 

Suppose the average price of a product last year was $100, which increased to $120 this year. Find the percentage difference:


Step 1: Extract the data

First value = V1= $100

Second value = V2 =$120

Step 2: Calculate the difference

Difference = V2 – V1

Difference = $120 - $100

Difference = $20

Step 3: Calculate the average

Average = (V2 + V1) / 2

Average = ($120 + $100) / 2

Average = $110

Step 4: Apply the formula

Percentage Difference = ($20 / $110) × 100

Percentage Difference = 18.18%

Therefore, the percentage difference in the price of the product is 18.18%

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