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Choose from the list and enter the values of required properties to find the area of a polygon using the area of a polygon calculator.

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Area of Polygon Calculator

Polygon area calculator finds the area of a polygon using different sets of values i.e. length and the number of sides or radius (apothem) and the number of sides. 

What is a Polygon?

A polygon refers to a plane geometrical figure or shape that has at least three or more sides and angles.


A polygon with three sides is called a triangle, A polygon with four sides is called a square e.t.c

Area of Polygon formula

The formula of a polygon using length sides:

Area = a2.n/ 4tan (π/n) 


a = length of side

n = Number of sides

The formula of a polygon using inradius or apothem.

Area = n x ri x tan(π/n) / 2 


n = Number of sides

ri = incircle radius

Note: These formulas are used for equilateral polygons. 

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