Pressure Converter

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Pressure Converter

Pressure converter is a tool that is used to convert units of pressure from one form to another.

What is a pressure converter?

The Fundamental concept in physics refers to the force exerted per unit area on a surface. it is defined as the ratio of the force applied perpendicular to the surface to the extent over which the force is distributed.

It is a measure of the distribution of force over a given area. The standard unit of pressure in the International System of Units (SI) is the pascal (Pa), which is defined as one newton per square meter (N/m²).


Example 1:

Convert 12 attojoule to centijoule.


Attojoule = 12

Centijoule = 1.2000e-15

Example 2:

Convert 32 electronvolts to Btu.


Electronvolt = 32

Btu = 4.8594e-21

Example 3:

Convert 56 decijoule to exajoule.


Decijoule = 56

Exajoule = 5.6000e-18

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