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Rhombus Calculator

Rhombus Calculator is used to calculate the area of the rhombus by using different methods and perimeter of rhombus.

What is Rhombus?

It’s a special parallelogram have all sides equal usually parallelograms have opposite sides equal and for rhombus, it is a quadrilateral with all sides equal.


Area of rhombus by base times height method

Multiply the base and height to get the area of the rhombus.

= b × h

Area of rhombus by the diagonal method

= (d1 × d2) / 2

Perimeter of rhombus

= 4 × L

How to calculate the perimeter and area of the rhombus?

Example 1:

If the length of two diagonals of the rhombus is 10 cm and 25 cm then evaluate the area of the rhombus.


 (d1) = 10 cm

 (d2) = 25 cm

Area of rhombus = (d1 × d2) / 2 

= (10 × 25) / 2

 = 125 cm2

Example 2:

Determine the perimeter of the rhombus having a side of 16 cm.


Length = L = 16 cm

Perimeter = 4 × L 

= 4 × 16

= 64 cm

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