Sherwood Number Calculator

To find the Sherwood number, fill the values for mass transfer coefficient, length, and diffusion coefficient in the Sherwood number calculator.


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Sherwood number calculator is an online tool that uses mass transfer, diffusion coefficients, and the characteristic length to calculate the Sherwood number.

What is Sherwood number?

Sherwood number is defined as the ratio of the convective mass transfer to the mass diffusivity.

Named after Thomas Kilgore Sherwood, this number is used in the study of mass transfer information. It is a dimensionless number.

Sherwood number formula

The equation used for the calculation of the Sherwood number is:

SH =kL/D

In this equation,

k represents mass transfer coefficient,

L is length, and

D is diffusion coefficient.

How to calculate the Sherwood number?


What will be the Sherwood number if 

  • The coefficient of mass transfer is 9 m/s
  • Diffusion Coefficient is 10m2/s
  • Characteristic length is 13 m


Place the values in the Sherwood number equation.

SH = kL/D

SH = (9)(13)/(10)            

SH = 11.70


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