Sound Converter

Put any value positive or negative number in the given tab and click calculate button to get the results in decibels, bel, and in neper using sound converter.

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Sound Converter 

Sound converter is a method to convert sound into different units if the sound is in decibels, then conversion of this unit in bel and neper is sound conversion.

What is meant by sound converter?

“The sensation brought on by vibrations transferred through the air or another medium stimulating the hearing organs”

How to convert the sound?

Example 1:

Convert 10 decibels into bel.


1 db = 0.1 bel

10 db = 10*0.1

10 db = 1 bel

Example 2:

Convert 10 bel into decibel.


1 bel = 10 db

10 bels = 10 * 10 db

10 bels = 100 db

Example 3:

Convert 10 neper in decibel.


1 neper = 8.68 db

10 nepers = 10*8.68 db

10 nepers = 86.8 db

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