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Sound power emitted Calculator 

Know the concentration or strength of any sound using the sound power emitted calculator. This tool has a user-friendly interface and can be used an unlimited number of times free.

What is sound power?

Sound power refers to the total amount of acoustic energy radiated by a sound source per unit of time. It represents the rate at which sound energy is generated and released into the surrounding environment. 

sound power

Sound energy:

Sound energy is a form of mechanical energy that travels through a medium, such as air or water, in the form of waves.

Sound power is primarily influenced by factors such as the size, shape, and vibrating surface area of the sound source. Sound power is measured in watts (W)

It's important to note that sound power is different from sound pressure, which is a measure of the strength or intensity of sound at a particular location and is typically expressed in units of decibels (dB).

Sound Power Formula

To calculate the sound power emitted by a sound source, you need to know the sound intensity and the surface area over which the sound is radiated. The formula to calculate sound power is:

Sound Power (P) = Sound Intensity (I) x Surface Area (A)

How to find the sound power emitted?

The sound intensity (I) is typically measured in watts per square meter (W/m²), and the surface area (A) is measured in square meters (m²). Multiplying the sound intensity by the surface area gives you the sound power emitted by the source.

Let's go through an example to demonstrate how to calculate sound power:


Suppose a loudspeaker that emits sound with a sound intensity of 10 W/m². The loudspeaker has a circular diaphragm with a radius of 0.5 meters. To find the sound power emitted by the loudspeaker, follow these steps:

Step 1: Calculate the surface area of the diaphragm.

The surface area (A) of a circular diaphragm is calculated using the formula for the area of a circle: A = πr², where r is the radius.

A = π x (0.5 m)²

A = π x 0.25 m²

A ≈ 0.7854 m²

Step 2: Multiply the sound intensity by the surface area.

P = I x A

P = 10 W/m² x 0.7854 m²

P ≈ 7.854 W

Therefore, the sound power emitted by the loudspeaker is approximately 7.854 watts.

Applications of Sound Power

Understanding sound power is crucial in various fields. 

  • In industrial settings, sound power measurements help assess and control noise levels to ensure a safe working environment for employees. 
  • In architectural design, sound power data is used to determine the acoustic requirements of buildings, such as minimizing noise transmission between rooms or designing concert halls with optimal sound distribution.
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