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Yugioh Calculator

Yugioh Calculator is used to find the total game points of the player and compares the points of two players by using the value of initial points. It works by adding the value of one game with the value of the next game for different rounds of the game.

What is meant by Yugioh?

The term “Yu-Gi-Oh” can be translated to “King of Games” or “Game King” in English. Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular trading card game that was initiated from Japanese manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game players engage in strategic battles using decks of cards representing various monsters, spells, and traps. In these games, the life points of every player are added for every round, and at the end scoring the highest life point player is the winner of the game.



If the initial life points of two players are 300 and 500. In the next round, they get 700 and 400 respectively. In round two they get 200 and 150 life points respectively.


Step 1:

Write the data from the question carefully.

Initial life points of two player

Player 1           player 2

300                  500

Life points of round 1.

Player 1           player 2

700                  400

Life points of round 2.

Player 1           player 2

200                  150

Step 2:                

Add the value of initial life points and round 1.

Player 1           player 2

300                  500

700                  400

1000                900

Step 3:

Add the value of round two in the above life points after one round.

Player 1           player 2

1000                900

200                  150

1200                1050

Thus, the total life points of “Player 1 is 1200” and “Player 2 is 1050”.

So, Player 1 is the winner of the game.

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