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Decimal to fraction calculator 

The decimal to fraction calculator finds the fraction form of a given decimal value. It is a lengthy calculation and involves GCF. This tool provides the steps included in the calculation as well. 

What is decimal to fractions conversion?

It is the reverse process of fractions to decimal conversion. A decimal number is converted into p over q form and solved. 

But it is a difficult process because unlike fractions to decimal conversion, it involves 2 operations and GCF.

How to convert decimals into fractions?

The method to find the fraction from a decimal involves the given steps.

  1. Make the fraction a numerator and place one as the denominator.
  2. Count the digits after the decimal and add that many zeros in the denominator.
  3. Multiply the numerator by the equal of the denominator value.
  4. Find the GCF of both values.
  5. Divide by the GCF.
  6. The resultant fraction is the answer.


What is the fraction form of decimal 23.45?


Step 1: Make a fraction.

= 23.45/1

Step 2: Count the decimals and add zeros.

= 23.45 / 100

Step 3: Multiply the numerator by 100.

= (23.45 x 100) / 100
= 2345 / 100

Step 4: Find the GCF.

Using the GCF calculator; the GCF of 2345 and 100 is 5.

Step 5: Divide both values by 5.

2345 / 5 = 469
100 / 5 = 20

Step 6: Write in the fraction form.

= 469 / 20

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