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Fraction to decimal calculator 

Fraction to decimal calculator uses the GCF method to find the decimal representation of a fraction value. The interface of this tool makes it easy to operate in comparison to other online calculators. 

It provides the calculations with steps in the result area. 

What is the fraction to decimal conversion?

Fractions and decimals are two different methods to represent a value in mathematics. Both have their advantages in different types of calculations.  

For instance, decimals are used in finance and health sectors while fractions are used in designing, construction etcetera. 

How to convert fractions to decimals?

For this, it is important to know how both things look. A fraction is written in the ‘p’ over ‘q’ form where ‘p’ is known as the numerator and ‘q’ as the denominator e.g. ¼

A decimal value is written in a straight line with a decimal point somewhere in the value e.g. 12.45.

The conversion of fractions to decimals involves the basic arithmetic operation; division. Divide the upper value with the lower value until fully solved.
A trick is used to make the division easier. Find the Greatest common factor of both values and divide with that first. This will give a simpler fraction hence the division will be easy. 

To understand more clearly, see the example below. 


What is the decimal form of the fraction (2)(¼)?


Step 1: Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction

= (2)(¼)

= (8+1) / (4)

= 9/4

Step 2: Perform division.

= 9 ÷ 4

= 2.25 

Example 2: (using GCF method)

Solve the fraction 22/24 to find its decimal form.


Step 1: Find the GCF.

Using the GCF calculator:

GCF of 22 and 24 is 2.

Step 2: Divide both values by 2.

22/2 = 11  and 24/2 = 12.

Final fraction = 11/12 

Step 3: Solve to find the decimal form.

= 11/12

= 0.9167…

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