Decimal to Continued Fraction Calculator

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Decimal to Continued Fraction Calculator

A decimal to continued fraction calculator is used to convert a decimal number into a continued fraction. 

What is the decimal number?

Decimal is a way of expressing non-whole numbers or integers. A decimal number is one that has ten digits (0-9) to represent all possible values.

What is a Continued Fraction?

A representation of decimal and fractional numbers as a sequence of integers in which integers are represented as a partial quotient is said to be a continued fraction.

Formula of decimal to continued fraction conversion


Examples of Decimal to Continued Fraction

Continued Fraction Of Continued Fraction
5.4568 Integers: [5; 2,5,3,2,14,1]

Integers: [11; 4,3,1,1,1,10]


Integers: [501; 8,7,1,2,5]


integers: [634; 1,7,10,3,2,2,1]

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