Working Together Calculator

To find the estimated time required to complete a work project for two people input the values in the input boxes of working together calculator and hit calculate button.


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Working Together Calculator

Use the working together calculator to estimate the time required to complete a work project for two people.

How to use this working together calculator?

The instructions to use this calculator are given below.

  • Enter the time required by A.
  • Enter the time required by B.
  • Click Calculate.

Working together/ group work:

Groups are created to gain a number of benefits like collaborative learning, peer interaction, etc. One of the benefits that is counted on the most is time-saving.

When people work in pairs or groups, the tasks are distributed and so is the time required to complete these tasks.

working together

How is the time distributed?

The time required to achieve a goal depends on the individual strengths and skills of each member. 

Some people need more time to complete the assigned work than the rest. Hence, it varies from group to group. Usually, people who need more time are assigned easier tasks.

Working together formula:

There is a formula used to find this time for a pair of two people.

= 1/[(1 / A) + (1 / b)]

Where A is the time required by the first person and B is the required by the second person.


Mister John can input the details of 100 clients in the company’s data in 3 hours while Mister Brekker can input the same amount of data in 2 hours.

Divide the work between them and find the total time both will take to complete this task. 


Step 1: Write the given data.

Mister John requires time = 3 hours 
Mister Brekker requires time = 2 hours 

Step 2: Use the formula. 

= 1/[(1 / A) + (1 / b)]
= 1/[(1 / 3) + (1 / 2)]
= 1/(5/6)
= 6/5
= 1.2 hours

Step 3: Convert the decimal place in minutes.

= 1 + 0.2 hours
= 1 hour + (0.2 x 60) minutes 
= 1 hour + 12 minutes

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