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Arctan Calculator

Arctan calculator is used to calculate the inverse of a tangent function. The inverse tangent calculator takes the value of the tangent variable and finds the inverse with steps.

What is Arctan's function?

The arctan function (a.k.a inverse of the tangent function) is a mathematical function that uses a real integer as an argument and generates an angle in radians with the same tangent as the input number. The formula of Arctan is:

Arctan(x) = tan-1(x) = y


How to calculate Arctan?

Example 1

Find the arctan of 0.5


Step 1: Take the formula of arctan.

Arctan(x) = tan-1(x) = y

x = 0.5

 Step 2: Put x = 0.5 to the formula.

Arctan(0.5) = tan-1(0.5)

tan-1(0.5) ≈ 0.4636 radians

In degree, it will be 22.565.

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