Barrel Volume Calculator

Enter the middle, top, and bottom radius, and height to find the volume of barrel using barrel calculator.

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Barrel volume calculator is an online tool that calculates the volume of barrel by using radius and height of a barrel. It determines the barrel capacity at one click.

Volume of carrel

Barrel volume formula

The volume of a barrel can be found using the below equation.

Volume of barrel = πh(2R2 + r2)/3


h = height of barrel,

R = middle radius,

r = top and bottom radius.

How to calculate volume of a barrel?

To find barrel volume, follow the below example.


Find the volume of a barrel if its height is 2 ft, top and bottom radius is 0.4 ft, and middle radius is 0.8 ft.


Step 1: Identify the values.

h = 2 ft, r = 0.4 ft, R = 0.8 ft

Step 2: Place the values in barrel volume formula.

V = πh (2R2 + r2)/3

V = 3.14159 × 2 (2 × 0.82 + 0.42)/3

Volume of barrel = 3.016 cubic feet

If you want to calculate how many gallons are in a barrel, multiply the volume in cubic feet with 7.480507.