Circular Velocity Calculator

Put the values of the radius and time into the circular velocity calculator to find the value of the velocity of an object moving in a circular motion.

v = 2πrT

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This online circular velocity calculator can calculate the value of the velocity of an object moving in an orbit of a circle, given that the values of time and radius of the orbit are known.

This calculator can also be used to calculate 

  • Radius 
  • Time

What is circular velocity?

Definition of circular velocity is:

“The velocity attained by an object while moving along the circumference of a circle.

It is represented by v and its SI unit is ms-1.


Circular velocity formula

The equation for the calculation of the circular velocity is:

v = 2πr/t

Where r is radius and t is time to complete one circle.

How to calculate circular velocity?


What is the circular velocity of a car completing a rotation about a circle of radius 7 meters in 16 seconds?


Step 1: Identify the values.

r = 7 m

t = 16 seconds

Step 2: Use the values in the formula.

v = 2πr/t

v = 2π (7)/16

v = 2.75 ms-1

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