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Circumference Calculator

Circle circumference calculator is designed to find three different values of a circle using its radius. These values are:

The result section includes the steps and formula for the calculation of each value. 

What is the circumference of a circle?

The circumference is the linear distance of the path that makes the circle. To make the idea clear, the length you will travel if you move along the circle’s edge. 

circumference of a circle

Another definition can be; “The perimeter of the circle is called its circumference.” But perimeter is a terminology used especially for polygons

Circumference formula:

The formula to calculate the circumference requires only one value i.e radius. 

Circumference of a circle = 2πr

Pi is already known. Its value is 3.14159. Its fraction form is roughly 22/7.

How to calculate the circumference?

Find the value of the radius of the circle. Multiply the radius with the value of pi and after that, with 2


What is the circumference of a circle having a diameter of 5 cm?


Step 1: Find the radius.

Radius = Diameter / 2
            = 5 / 2
            = 2.5 cm

Step 2: Put in the formula.

Circumference = 2π(2.5)

Step 3: Solve.

Circumference = 2(3.14)(2.5)
                        = 15.71 cm

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