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To use concrete calculator, select the structure, enter the dimensions, choose the units, and click Calculate

Cubic Feet = Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Height (ft)

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Concrete Calculator 

Estimate the volume of concrete required for any given structure using the concrete calculator. It can find the amount of concrete required for any shape and using different units. 

Streamline your construction projects with our user-friendly Concrete Calculator! Designed for builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts, our tool makes it straightforward to find the needed quantity of concrete.

How to find the required amount of concrete?

Calculating the amount of construction material beforehand is a professional approach as it saves time and effort that one might face in case of material shortage.

Here are the formulas to calculate the required concrete for various shapes in cubic feet, cubic meters, and cubic yards:

1. Square Slab / Rectangle:

2. Round Slab / Circle:

  • Cubic Feet: π × (Diameter (ft)/2)^2 × Depth (ft)
  • Cubic Meters: π × (Diameter (m)/2)^2 × Depth (m)
  • Cubic Yards: (π × (Diameter (ft)/2)^2 × Depth (ft)) ÷ 27

3. Wall:

(Note: This assumes the wall has a uniform thickness)

  • Cubic Feet: Length (ft) × Height (ft) × Thickness (ft)
  • Cubic Meters: Length (m) × Height (m) × Thickness (m)
  • Cubic Yards: (Length (ft) × Height (ft) × Thickness (ft)) ÷ 27

4. Footer:

(Note: Footers are usually rectangular, so you can use the formula for a square slab.)


  • Cubic Feet: Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Depth (ft)
  • Cubic Meters: Length (m) × Width (m) × Depth (m)
  • Cubic Yards: (Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Depth (ft)) ÷ 27

5. Square Column:

  • Cubic Feet: Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Height (ft)
  • Cubic Meters: Length (m) × Width (m) × Height (m)
  • Cubic Yards: (Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Height (ft)) ÷ 27

6. Round Column / Cylindrical Column:

  • Cubic Feet: π × (Diameter (ft)/2)^2 × Height (ft)
  • Cubic Meters: π × (Diameter (m)/2)^2 × Height (m)
  • Cubic Yards: (π × (Diameter (ft)/2)^2 × Height (ft)) ÷ 27
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