Cylinder Volume Calculator

To find the volume of a cylinder, input radius (r) & height (h) and click the calculate button using cylinder volume calculator

Volume = π r2 h

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Cylinder Volume Calculator

Cylinder volume calculator is used to calculate the volume of a cylinder based on its height and radius.

What is the volume of a cylinder?

The volume of a cylinder is the density of the cylinder. This denotes how much weight it can hold or how much of anything can be submerged in it.

Formula of Volume of a Cylinder

The formula to determine a cylinder's volume is

The volume of cylinder = Πr2h Cubic Unit

Here, the cylinder's radius (r) and height (h) is specified. It is the product of the area of base and height.

Example of the Volume of a Cylinder

Let's consider we have a cylinder with a height of 10cm and a radius of 4cm. calculate the volume of the cylinder.


Step-1: Given Data

Height = h = 10cm

Radius = r = 4cm

Step-2: Take the formula

Volume of cylinder = v = πr2h

The value of pi = 22/7         

Step-3: Put all the values into the above formula

V = π (4)^2(10)

V = π (16)(10)

V = 160 (cm)3

So, the volume of the cylinder is 160 cm3                                                                                                        

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