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Hex to ASCII Converter

Hex to ASCII Converter is a mathematical tool that converts the hexadecimal values in the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code characters.

What is the Hex system?

The hexadecimal system contained 16 characters: “0 to 9” numbers and “A to F” alphabet characters. Where the alphabet “A” represents the value “10” and “B” represents the value “11” similarly so on to “15” for “F”.

What is the ASCII system?

ASCII system is used to represent the text in digital form and in this system, each character shows by a unique 7-bit binary code. This system contains 128 characters including uppercase, lowercase, digits, punctuation, and control characters such as tab, new line, next page, etc.

The ASCII system ranges from “0 to 127” The first 32 codes are for control characters while the remaining codes are for printable characters. 

Note: To reverse the process of hex to ASCII, use our ASCII to Hex converter 

Examples of Hex to ASCII Conversion


Convert the following numbers into ASCII.

  1. 48

ASCII code = H

  1. 65

ASCII code = e

  1. 6C

ASCII code = I

  1. 6F

ASCII code = o

  1. 6D

ASCII code = m

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