Kinetic Friction Calculator

To find the value of kinetic friction, Insert the values of kinetic friction coefficient and normal force into the kinetic friction calculator. 

Kinetic Friction (Fk) = μk x N
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This online kinetic friction calculator is used to calculate the kinetic friction between two objects.

You can use this calculator to find any of these three values, by inputting the value of the remaining two.

  • Kinetic Friction
  • Kinetic Friction Coefficient 
  • Normal Force

What is Kinetic Friction?

Definition of Kinetic friction is:

"The resistance to motion caused by the contact between a surface and the object moving against it."

For example, friction between a wooden block and a stick when it is twirled forcefully to make smoke is said to be kinetic friction. 



On the other hand, a force of friction that keeps an object at rest is known as static friction.

Kinetic Fiction Formula

The equation for kinetic friction is

                                                  Fkμx N


  • Fk is kinetic friction.
  • μk is the coefficient of kinetic friction.
  • N is the normal force.

How to Calculate Kinetic Friction?


Calculate the frictional force for the given details.

Kinetic Friction Coefficient (μk) = 5

Normal Force (N) = 10 N


Put the value into the formula.

Fk = μx N

= 5 x 10

= 50 N

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