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Enter normal force and coefficient of friction in the static friction calculator to compute the value of static friction.


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Static Friction calculator 

Static friction calculator is an online tool that mainly calculates static friction. Normal force and coefficient of static friction are required as inputs. 

You can calculate any of the three values by choosing them from the list.

What is Static friction?

A force of friction, A force that resists, has two basic types:

A static friction is the force of friction on an object that is not moving. It opposes the change in the state of a body that causes motion.

static friction

Static friction is represented by Fs and it is greater than kinetic friction.


Static friction formula

The formula for static friction is:

                                                    Fs = μs x N

In this equation:

  • Fs is static friction.
  • μs is the static friction coefficient.
  • N is the normal force.

How to find static friction force?

The formula of static friction is easy and you just need to multiply normal force with a coefficient of static friction.


What will be the value of static friction if the force between two objects is 55 N and the coefficient of static friction is 13?


Step 1: Identify the values.

Normal force = 55 N

μ= 13 

Step 2: Put the values into the equation.

Fs = μsN

Fs = 55 x 13

Fs = 715 N

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